I have no idea if any of these girls are the women featured in other photos. I'm guessing old friends of Charlette.

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I like to imagine they were at Charlette and Edgar's wedding.

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Friends of Charlette and Edgar.


Friends of Charlette and Edgar. That's all I'm "sure" of.

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SHARP Dressed Man

For those who have followed this blog since at least August/September of 2013 you might remember the love story of Charlette and Edgar. At the time I purchased the photos of them I also found shots of some of their friends. If you don't remember Charlette and Edgar you can find them by typing Charlette in the search box to the left or by clicking on her name in the labels.

One of their friends; a sharp dressed man.

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Even if you're not physically hurt in an auto accident there are repercussions that last for a very long time. Those repercussions have worn me out. The end to all of it is not yet in sight.

It's been one of those years. When I can, I sit quietly with a pet on my lap and listen to my breathing and tell myself I'm a very lucky person.


Okay, everybody say ROQUEFORT!

Our gang.

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I have been on vacation with no net access. I apologize for not posting all of the comments. I will get to them now that I'm home…as soon as I can stop dealing with people from my insurance company. See, the vacation went very well, extremely well…until the last day when we were in an accident. Nobody was hurt, but there was extensive damage to all vehicles. This is what happens when you pull off to the shoulder to let people who are tailgating pass. BAM! Even the innocent party end up losing everything. I have spent so many hours on the phone for three days straight with so many different people that my head hurts. All of this to just get bad news about what will, or more correctly, not be done.

And so it goes.